'It's an Honor to Take Part in Your Happiest Moments'

Founded in Fresno and family owned since 1978, Ara Karkazian Watch and Jewelry Company remains a family-owned and operated business that is an authority of diamonds, gems, jewelry and watches. We build our relationships on trust, respect and impeccable service, as well as superb jewels. Our commitment  is to understanding our customers' wants and needs, and to fulfill those with uncompromising service every step of the way, including (and especially) after sales.  

Buying jewelry is a significant and sometimes life-changing purchase. Our goal is to provide the best buying experience possible in a comfortable, non-pressure atmosphere. Whether looking for an engagement ring, a special piece to mark an anniversary, or a watch, our clients get the best value and the best experience. We consider it a privilege and an honor to be part of the happiest moments in our customers’ lives and treat each experience accordingly.


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