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While we started out as a modest watch repair business, we have grown into a premier jewelry and watch resource for our trusted Valley connoisseurs. Ara Karkazian purchased the eponymous store – where he had worked since his teenage years – from his brother George in 1990. He and his wife Lena expanded the showroom again and again not only to stay contemporary, but also to ensure a comfortable atmosphere. 

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A Premier Jewelry and Watch Resource

Karkaziancropped DSC20141Today, the 3,000-square-foot boutique in NW Fresno deftly showcases some of the most desirable  designers of contemporary jewelry, bridal jewelry,  and more.  We are known as the Central Valley’s Engagement Ring Headquarters and are the premier go-to jeweler for everything bridal. With our incredible selection of loose diamonds and bridal jewelry, we have been “Rocking her world” for more than 40 years. 

It has always been our intention to bring the finest and most unusual jewelry, especially engagement and anniversary jewels, to the forefront for our discerning clientele. To that end, we scour the world for the finest brands.  

Lena Karkazian has 30 years in the jewelry business. With a discerning taste in jewelry, she regularly seeks unusual and distinctive pieces. She is also a designer of the bespoke pieces made for customers and strings all of the pearl jewelry on site. 

Ara Karkazian has 40 years in the watch and jewelry world and is a certified master watchmaker, having graduated from the internationally recognized Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program (WOSTEP). He has worked on some of the finest watch brands in the world, bringing his horological expertise into play.  Today, he is joined in the store by Zohrab Megerdichian, who is also a master watchmaker graduated from WOSTEP in 1996, and together they offer watch repairs from simple battery or strap changes to a complete overhaul. In terms of watches, Ara Karkazian  offers  brands geared for the active lifestyle, as well as classical pieces.   Visit  “Our Watchmaking Expertise” section of our website for many more details on our watch services. 

Together, Ara and Lena’s 70 years of experience equate to an unparalleled selection of jewelry and a superb shopping experience. 

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