Our Watch Expertise

We offer exceptional expert advice on watches – from buying to selling and even trading in and up. Our watch services are unparalleled thanks to two top-notch master watchmakers who – between them – have nearly 70 years of experience.

In fact, owner Ara Karkazian has more than 40 years of expertise working for some of the finest watch brands in the world. Hailing from a family of watchmakers, he graduated decades ago from the internationally renowned Watches of Switzerland Training and Educational Program (WOSTEP) and continues to stay up to date on all watchmaking developments. Karkazian is joined by Zohrab Megerdichian, a master watchmaker who graduated from WOSTEP more than 25 years ago and keeps up with the continuing education programs.

Interactive Watch Repair and Restoration
In a state-of-the-art watchmaking shop, the two Master Watchmakers pride themselves on their expertise in haute horology timepieces, and vintage watches, as well. Whenever a watch, or clock, comes in for servicing, meticulous trouble shooting is done to determine issues and expert repairs ensue.

Additionally, the watch department accepts mail-in watches for repair and for restoration. This enables watch lovers from outside the Central Valley of California to enjoy expert service and maintenance of their beloved timepieces. This service is particularly valued by watch owners who do not have a local watch repair shop.

Pre-Owned Watches
While the store currently does not carry haute horlogerie luxury brands, preferring to cater to the active lifestyles of its clientele, it does have a strong and thriving pre-owned watch department.

Karkazian specializes in pre-owned Rolex and other haute horology brands, including Patek Philippe, Cartier, Panerai, Breitling, and others. In fact, our expertise enables us to purchase every kind of watch, including contemporary, vintage and gently pre-owned.

Every time Karkazian purchases a pre-owned watch, the timepiece is completely overhauled on premises and restored to its best possible condition. Karkazian guarantees the watch contents and warranties the watch’s functionality for five years. This is incredible back-up that underscores the expert watchmaking that goes into each and every pre-owned watch.

Corporate and Retiree Gifting
Watches are an excellent gift not only for personal celebrations, but also for retirement and corporate milestones, and our watch department offers brands that are perfect for those events.

Among them: Citizen, Luminox, Seiko and Baume & Mercier. Swiss brand Baume & Mercier is a leader when it comes to the corporate gift world, but our other lines work beautifully, as well.

Feel free to stop in or call to discuss the right gift for landmark occasions.

Expert Services
With all of our watch expertise, we can service your watch no matter if it needs a battery or a complete service maintenance. Of course, we also excel in everything in between, from crown replacements to new crystals and more. Check out our list of watch services or give us a call or stop in to discuss your individual needs. 

We invite you to call or come in to speak with a true expert and watch lover about your watch.

We are always here for you because time is valuable.